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March 26, 2009

So I finally moved this blog from a shared-hosting with Godaddy to Slicehost 256MB VPS slice running Ubuntu Hardy . The whole process of setting up DNS and installing Apache, MySql, Postfix and WordPress (including my favourite theme and plugins) was very easy, and I didnt run into any problems. I did back up my database with Godaddy before migration, but the ‘Export/Import as XML’ seemed to work just fine. All in all, I was able to get it up and running in about an hour with all the content migrated. When there are documents like Mensk.com and Slicehost Articles, you really don’t have anything left to think.

With that saying, I really wanted to get rid of WordPress this time, or any other WordPress wannabes. WordPress is an awesome piece of software, but it’s just not what I ideally would like to have.

1. WordPress isn’t really suited for posting long snippets of code. If you want to get it working, you end up spending some time trying to fix those endcoding, line wraps and syntax highlighting issues.

2. WordPress is just too big for me. I don’t need those fancy features.

3. I don’t need databases to store some handful rants of mine. Ideally, I would like to write a blog in a text file (using some basic markup), and then just FTP it to my sever to a specific directory, and it would just work. The day I don’t want to have a blog anymore, I would just grab that directory from my server and take it with me.

4. Everytime I see a cool plugin or a theme I wanna try, I don’t want to be looking into every single line of code to see if there is anything malicious in there.

5. Every time I hear about any new vulnerability found in WordPress, I don’t want to be worried about doing an upgrade.

I did briefly go through the major blogging and some wiki softwares but they are all built around the same philosophy and more or less suffer from the same problems. At one point, I almost went with Webby (static site-generator based on Ruby), but then I would have to go through a separate plugin for comments like Disqus, which I didn’t want.

So eventually I had to decide between writing my own basic blogging software or using WordPress. I chose the latter, coz I think there are things way more important to do in the world than writing your own blogging software in 2009. Well, thats might be just another way saying that I am a loser.

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  1. ashish says:

    no, u r not loser.
    I spend quite a time deciding blogging software. I ended up using roller app. It’s running on tomcat.

    I guess, it’s not lite as WP. But i wanted to use j2ee.